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True or false? I make less money than I want to in my business.

True or false? It’s hard for me to relax because my business is always on my mind.

True or false? I need better skills to compete in the changing retail environment.

If you answered “true” to any question above, Catapult has industry-leading programs and tools that can help you make more money, with less stress. Let’s get started.

Clapping Audience
Business Meeting
Local Coffee Shop

Speaking and Workshops

Spread the Word

Want to train your entire team, local retailer association or national trade group?


I am available to present on high-impact topics including:

- Create a culture that sells

- Explode your sales through marketing

- Create a top-notch customer experience. 

Mastermind Group Coaching

Learn from Your Peers

Join a group of like-minded retailers if you want to feel the energy and motivation that comes from working with a group.

Masterminds are a great opportunity to gather best practices and lessons learned from your peers. 

Personalized Coaching

Focused & Tailored Guidance

Sometimes focused one-on-one attention is the best approach for developing and implementing your business strategy.


After an initial assessment of your most pressing needs, we will work together to identify the best and highest impact opportunities for change.

Head Shot.jpg

Experience that matters

Kim Mitchell has a talent for quickly assessing business challenges and recommending high-impact changes. With significant experience spanning across non-profits, large corporations, and now as a small retail business owner, she truly understands how businesses work. She has used the lessons learned from 30 years of experience to cultivate a thriving local business. What’s the secret to her success? Without a doubt, it’s her complete commitment to superior customer service, backed up by a strong sales culture and savvy financial decision-making -- a very powerful combination that she can coach you on implementing.

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