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Guidance and Support Tailored to Your Specific Needs

Every client's needs are a bit different. Some like a more individualized and tailored experience, others like the energy and collaborative feel of working in a group.  Some clients are looking to train their staff, while others want to educate their national trade group.

We offer several types of services to address for your specific business needs.

One to One coaching


One-on-one Coaching

Individual coaching can be an extremely efficient way for clients to meet their goals when they fully commit to the process.


Our one-on-one coaching is a truly personalized experience meant to address your specific needs.


We will start with a detailed assessment to determine your strengths and opportunities and we will tailor our coaching approach to maximize impact.

Group Coaching

Group Coaching


Why join a mastermind group

Most people join for one of three reasons:

1. You understand that you need new perspectives in order to grow your business. 

2. You are looking for strategies and tools to help you achieve your business goals. 

3. You seek collaboration, inspiration, and support from like-minded business owners. 

Speaking and wokshops

Speaking & Workshops

Do you need someone to inspire your team or trade industry group? Kim Mitchell is just the person you need to inspire your audience.​​ Kim can present on:

- Creating a staff culture that sells

- Exploding your sales through innovative marketing ideas

- Hiring and developing a top-notch staff

- Climbing the customer service ladder

Whatever the topic, Kim's insights are sure to motivate your audience.

Business Visioning &

Start-up Support

Most businesses fail because the owners didn't create a vision and a plan for where they see themselves and the business in 3-5 years. 


Spending the time up front to plan, will save you time, money and aggravation later. Let us help you with this critical first step in the business launch process. 

Customer Experience Audits

Most business-owners think, or even insist, that they are both customer-focused and customer-friendly. But often a thorough review of the in-store experience and policies proves differently.


We can conduct an audit of all of the customer touch points to determine if there are opportunities to improve the customer experience. 

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