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Kim Mitchell has a talent for quickly assessing business challenges and recommending high-impact changes. With significant experience spanning across non-profits, large corporations, and now as a small retail business owner, she truly understands how businesses work. She has used the lessons learned from 30 years of experience to cultivate a thriving local business. What’s the secret to her success? Without a doubt, it’s her complete commitment to superior customer service, backed up by a strong sales culture and savvy financial decision-making -- a very powerful combination that she can coach you on implementing.


Kim Mitchell has been preparing to be a business coach her entire adult life. After graduating from the University of Vermont with a degree in Finance, Kim spent the first part of her career helping to build small non-profits as a Development Director. She spent the next decade in the corporate world working as a business and product strategist for DWS Investments. During this time, she polished her analytic and strategic decision-making skills, while also finishing her MBA at Boston College. Finally, it was time to put all these skills to work on her own small business, so she purchased Boing! Toy Shop, her neighborhood toy store, in early 2011 and started her retail journey.  


Kim has completely transformed Boing! Toy Shop in the time she has owned it. She has increased sales by over 100% and, more importantly, increased profits by 400%. And she’s done all this while maintaining her sense of humor and an incredible work-life balance.  


Kim truly believes that this type of transformation is possible for every retail business, and wants to work with clients who are motivated to make changes -- some simple, some hard -- in order to achieve business success. Looking for more profits? More free time? More fun?  All of these are within your reach. If you’re ready to launch your way to success, so is she. Give her a call.

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